What do the marble signed by the Swan and the Hypercar Evantra have in common? They are unique!

A new partnership between DANSK MARBLE & PROJECTS of Carrara and MAZZANTI AUTOMOBILI of Pontedera is born. Two Tuscan companies that share unique products that preserve the true Italian artisan culture and tradition. A Made in Italy appreciated and sought after by an international clientele who loves exclusivity and beauty.

Marble, the unique natural stone in every color and Evantra 771, the unrivaled hypercar.

DANSK MARBLE & PROJECTS has always extended its collaboration philosophy with other equally excellent realities, but its thinking wants to go beyond the marble supply chain, welcoming the rarest hypercar ever built in the world in its showroom in Carrara.

EVANTRA 771, made by MAZZANTI AUTOMOBILI, is pure design and power, a car that fully expresses the craftsmanship and customization of the handmade that only Italian craftsmen can make. A masterpiece, a car, which expresses emotions from the engine and color, wanted to become an icon all over the world by its creator Luca Mazzanti.

DANSK MARBLE & PROJECTS wanted to welcome Evantra in its new exhibition space in Carrara, called DANSK MARBLE HUB, a showroom dedicated to art, design, architecture and the noble material, marble. The marble slabs with a variety of colors, Calacatta, Moncervetto, Bardiglio and Statuario have created the ideal scenario where the reflections of the natural material blend with the metallic colors of the car. Follow the “style” is one of the pay-offs of DANSK M&P communication, a style that characterizes the swan brand in all its projects, environments and installations with a natural stone that leads you to “Living in nature”.

The MAZZANTI atelier with its incomparable hypercar, produces a limited number of five units per year. Hypercars that stand out for a development process with attention to the smallest details and high manual skills for the required customizations.

Each car produced is characterized by a strong personality that reflects the passion and dreams of its designer.

Two different realities where nature and technology come together to express the creativity of MADE IN ITALY, realizing the dreams of customers.