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Blue Macaubas Quartzite

It is a pastel blue quartzite with light blue background. Originally from Brazil, it is ideal for prestigious interiors and exteriors decorations. Azul Macaubas is a very resistant mineral that does not deteriorate over time; particularly suitable for kitchen tops, floors and claddings.

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Arabescato Faniello

White Italian Marble

Italian White marble with light gray intrusions that characterize this type of pattern. Possible realizations: Internal and external floors and cladding,stairs,tables, sinks, kitchen tops, shower trays.

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Arabescato Corchia

Arabescato Corchia Marble

Italian white marble characterized by round clouding, commonly called “ovules”.

Possible applications: Floors, interior and exterior cladding, stairs, tables, sinks, kitchen tops, shower trays.

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breccia capraia


Breccia Capraia

Breccia Capraia is a beautiful Italian marble with a white background and important polychrome veins from dark gray to brown and green, from burgundy to almost black, from deep orange to purple. Breccia Capraia marble is suitable for indoor and outdoor floors for all types of claddings, decorative objects, bathrooms and kitchens tops, window sills, shower trays and luxurious fireplaces.

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